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Psychedelic Legalization in Colorado?

Psilocybe Cubensis

Hey Coloradans! Get ready for a fun and informative dive into the world of psychedelics in our beautiful state. Let’s break it down:

Last November, our forward-thinking voters gave a thumbs up to decriminalizing certain psychedelics. This has paved the way for potential “healing centers” in Colorado, where folks can experience the magic of psilocybin mushrooms under expert supervision. And guess what? The Centennial State wants YOUR opinion on how this should roll out!

Mark your calendars! The state is hosting online chit-chats on Sept. 5, 12, 22, 27, and Oct. 3. Each session will tackle a unique topic, such as:

  • Training our heroes (first responders) for any psychedelic curveballs.
  • Spreading the word about psychedelics safely and responsibly.
  • Ensuring our shrooms and other substances are up to par with state standards.
  • Setting the ground rules for those growing and producing these substances.
  • Embracing the wisdom of traditional and indigenous cultivation methods.

The aim? To gather insights not just from everyday Coloradans, but also from those diving into this budding industry.

Dominique Mendiola, the bigwig at the Department of Revenue’s fresh-out-the-oven Natural Medicine Division (and also the head honcho of the Marijuana Enforcement Division), is all ears. She’s curious about what our vibrant communities have to say.

These gab sessions are hosted by the DOR, the folks who’ll be laying down the law on how these psychedelics are made and grown. They’ll also be the go-to for training our first responders and keeping tabs on any related incidents. And don’t fret, our state’s health department is in on the action too!

But wait, there’s more! The Department of Regulatory Agencies is brainstorming the nitty-gritty for these healing centers. Like, who’s gonna work there? And how will they be prepped? They’re getting some pro tips from the Natural Medicine Advisory Board.

Mendiola encourages everyone to voice their thoughts, questions, and even concerns. She assures, “Even if we can’t tackle a question right then and there, knowing what’s on your mind is super valuable to us.”

Local government bigwigs are also scratching their heads. Unlike with Mary Jane, they can’t totally nix psychedelic pros from setting up shop in town. But they can lay down some ground rules.

Hold onto your ski hats, folks! The first official licenses for these psychedelic ventures are set to roll out by the end of 2024. So, let’s make this journey as groovy as possible, Colorado style

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