Who We Are

Our Mission

Provide premium sterile psilocybe cubensis spores to everyday researchers who want to increase their knowledge in microscopy. 

Our Vision

Educate the world about the healing potential of multiple molecules and breaking the age-old stigma surrounding them.

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Louis and Katrina

Louis and Katrina are the founders of Mycology Now and have been passionately married for 7 years. Before Mycology Now, Lou struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies. Psilocybin had ended up being the only thing that helped with the struggle, the depression was almost fully lifted. Afterwards, he wanted to give the same solace to others by creating a product to help them discover the nature of psilocybe cubensis through microscopy.

Throughout the entire time, Katrina has lovingly  and financially supported Mycology Now, allowing it to become what it is today. She is probably the most important reason why we are still here, because the support she gives is immeasurable and priceless. 

Jordan Williams

Jordan is the sales manager and creative director for Mycology Now responsible for website content and communicating with customers. He first joined the team in 2019, with a focus on educating people about the current research being done at Johns Hopkins – which is ongoing. He believes that the key to breaking stigma is educating people about current ongoing scientific knowledge. Such as, Persisting Reductions in Cannabis, Opioid, and Stimulant Misuse After Naturalistic Psychedelic Use according to Frontiers in Psychology.

Jordan has always had a desire to help other people grow and learn, maybe it comes from being the oldest of 5 siblings. He wants to empower others with the ability to independently research psilocybe cubensis spores for microscopy in the privacy and security of their own homes. 

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