Lizard King Psilocybe Cubensis Microscopy Kit


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Lizard King spores in a sterile solution. Our spore syringes are prepared in a contaminant-free and still-air environment. Our spores will always be visible to the eye so you can see them on arrival! Put them on your microscope slide to watch the beautiful spores dance around. With every purchase, $1 is donated to Johns Hopkins Psychedelic and Consciousness Research center. Thank you for helping us advance psychedelic science, we appreciate you!

*Note this does NOT come with a sharp hypodermic needle

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  • 1x 10cc Lizard King Microscopy Kit
  • 1x Alcohol Pad
  • 1x Blunt Tip Pre-sterilized Applicator
  • 1x Instructions Card

As Always, Please Research Responsibly and Mush Love

*Not sold for consumption

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