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Magic Mushrooms and California: The Shocking Update Everyone's Talking About!

psychedelic legalization

In a recent development, the California State Assembly has given the green light to a bill that decriminalizes the personal possession and consumption of small quantities of psychedelic mushrooms. This information was confirmed by State Sen. Scott Weiner. The bill, known as California Senate Bill 58, had previously been approved by the California State Senate and was subsequently forwarded to the assembly.

The legislation faced delays in the assembly after its initial approval in the senate. The primary objective of this bill is to eliminate criminal charges associated with the personal possession and consumption of specific “naturally occurring psychedelics,” as mentioned in a statement from Sen. Weiner’s office.

The substances that fall under the purview of this bill include psilocybin (commonly found in mushrooms), Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and mescaline (excluding peyote). Additionally, the bill sets in motion a procedure to develop policy recommendations for the group therapeutic application of these psychedelics.

The bill garnered support from various groups, including veterans, first responders, and healthcare professionals. Sen. Weiner emphasized the potential benefits of these plant-based medicines, especially for individuals grappling with PTSD, depression, and addiction. He stated, “SB 58 comes with careful safeguards, developed over three years of extensive consultations with a diverse group of stakeholders. These substances have shown significant potential in addressing some of the most challenging mental health issues. It’s high time we ceased penalizing individuals seeking healing or personal growth through the use of psychedelics.”

Having secured a 42-11 approval in the assembly, the bill is now set to return to the senate for a final endorsement. Following this, it will be presented to Gov. Gavin Newsom for a conclusive review. If sanctioned, SB 58 is expected to be implemented from January 1, 2025. Curious about some of these things being legal? Get up close and personal with them with our premium microscopy kits to see the unseen world. 

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