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Taking a Look at Compass Pathways | A Synthetic Psilocybin Company |

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Read the the original article here. According to their website, Compass Pathways is a UK based company that “thinks differently about mental health”. They have a patent on a synthetic version of Psilocybin called COMP360 and are investigating the effectiveness of psilocybin therapy. 

Compass founders experienced the painful effects depression within their own family. They were soon motivated to find a new approach to mental health medicine. This includes psilocybin therapy sessions, which are currently undergoing clinical trials in Europe and America. They have a vision to relieve the overstretched mental health care system by developing new therapies for a  world of mental wellbeing.

Next, we will look at their values of being Compassion, Bold, Rigorous, and Inclusive.

Compassion – People suffering with mental health challenges should have options. Patients inspire them every day to change mental health care systems that don’t work for everyone.

Bold – They do not accept the status quo in mental health care systems, therapies or perceptions. They believe a transformation is needed to reduce human suffering.

Rigorous – They are seeking answers to how novel therapies, like psilocybin therapy, may create new pathways to mental wellbeing. They’re basing every decision, and every hope, on meticulous evidence.

Inclusive – They believe in collaborating to find ways to accelerate innovation and access to new therapies for all.

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