Sterilized Manure-based Substrate ~3.5lbs


Elevate your edible mushroom cultivation with our premium substrate. Expertly blended for dung-loving varieties, this mix combines nutrient-rich manures with straw, vermiculite, and coco coir. Sterilized for purity and optimized for growth, it’s the choice blend for gourmet mushroom growers. Cultivate with confidence!

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Discover the pinnacle of mushroom cultivation with our Sterilized Manure-based Substrate. Expertly blended for those dedicated to growing hearty, dung-loving edible mushrooms, this substrate combines the potent nutrients from horse, poultry, and cow manure with the benefits of straw, vermiculite, and coco coir in a convenient 3.5lb package. Tailored for the edible mushroom growing community, this substrate promises premium yields with every harvest.

Key Features:

  1. Culinary Cultivation: Our mix is precision-formulated for edible dung-loving mushroom varieties, ensuring a rich food source for optimal mycelial growth.
  2. Moisture Mastery: Straw, vermiculite, and coco coir work in tandem to maintain the right moisture levels, essential for successful edible mushroom cultivation.
  3. Trust in Purity: Sterilized at 15 PSI for 150 minutes, our substrate is devoid of contaminants and unwanted pathogens, making it safe for growing food-grade mushrooms.
  4. Versatile Growth Support: From spore inoculation to fruiting, our substrate complements every phase of your edible mushroom cultivation journey.


  • Enhance growth rates and yields for your edible, dung-loving mushroom varieties.
  • Promote a sterile environment for consistent mycelium propagation.
  • Achieve regular and nutrient-enriched crops for your culinary delights.
  • A perfectly pH-balanced medium caters to all edible dung-loving mushroom strains.

Directions for Use:

  • Sterilize your working area and tools before use.
  • Implement the substrate with your preferred edible mushroom cultivation method.
  • Monitor and adjust conditions to achieve the best results for your specific edible strains.

Storage: Store away from direct heat and light. Keep the bag sealed between uses to retain its quality.

Safety Tip: When diving into edible mushroom cultivation, always use gloves and masks to ensure hygiene and safety.

Embark on a successful edible mushroom cultivation adventure with our Sterilized Manure-based Substrate. Cultivate with confidence and enjoy the fruit (or fungi) of your labor!

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