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Buy Sterilized All-In-One Bag with Grain and Manure for mushroom cultivation, featuring a self-healing injection port and advanced filtration

Sterilized All-In-One Grow Kit

Introducing our revolutionary Sterilized All-In-One Grow Kit – the perfect solution for cultivating healthy and vibrant crops effortlessly! This innovative product is designed to provide you with the essential elements for successful cultivation, conveniently packaged in a gussetted bag made from durable 3.0 Mil Polypropylene.

Sterilized All-In-One Grow Kit

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Elevate your cultivation game with our Sterilized All-In-One Grow Kit – 500g each of hydrated millet grain and manure mix, sterilized at 15 PSI for 2 hours. Crafted with a self-healing injection port and priced at $29.95, it’s the key to hassle-free, bountiful harvests!

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  • Perfect Blend: Each bag contains 500 grams of meticulously hydrated millet grain and 500 grams of expertly hydrated manure mix, offering a balanced and nutrient-rich substrate for your crops.
  • Sterilization Excellence: Our bags undergo a rigorous sterilization process at 15 PSI for 2 hours, ensuring a contamination-free environment for your cultivation. This meticulous process guarantees a clean and healthy start for your crops.
  • Gussetted Design: The bag comes in a gussetted type, allowing for extra volume and space within the bag. This design facilitates optimal air circulation, crucial for the growth and development of your crops.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from 3.0 Mil Polypropylene, the bag is robust and tear-resistant, providing durability for repeated use. The material also protects your cultivation from external contaminants, ensuring a controlled environment.
  • Optimal Size: With dimensions of 4″ X 3″ X 18″, our bag is designed to accommodate a substantial amount of substrate, giving your crops ample room to flourish.
  • Advanced Filtration: The bag features a T-type filter with a size of 1.5″ X 1.5″ and a filter pore size of 0.2 microns. This advanced filtration system safeguards your cultivation from airborne contaminants while allowing essential air exchange.
  • Self-Healing Injection Port: To make the cultivation process even more convenient, our bag includes a self-healing injection port over the grain. This feature allows for easy inoculation without compromising the integrity of the bag.
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    ready to buy shipping is rediculous

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    Bought 10 syringe and kept refrigerated now all spores cause Mold

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    My package was sent to the wrong address

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Buy Sterilized All-In-One Bag with Grain and Manure for mushroom cultivation, featuring a self-healing injection port and advanced filtration
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