Pre-Poured Agar Petri Dish


Elevate your edible mushroom cultivation with our ready-to-use petri dishes. Expertly crafted with distilled water, malt extract, agar agar, and nutritional yeast, each dish is sterilized at 15 PSI for optimal safety. Available in packs of 5 or 10. Ideal for cultivating a variety of edible mushrooms. Simply inoculate, incubate, and watch the magic unfold!

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Product Highlights:

  • Pack Size Options: Available in 5 and 10 count packs to suit your experimental needs.
  • Premium Ingredients: Made with distilled water, high-quality malt extract, agar agar, and nutritional yeast for optimal microbial growth.
  • Sterilized for Safety: Each dish is meticulously sterilized at 15 PSI to ensure a contaminant-free environment for your experiments.
  • Ready-to-Use: Eliminate the hassle of preparing agar media. Simply inoculate and incubate!
  • For Edible Mushrooms: Specifically formulated for edible varieties of mushrooms only.

Detailed Description:

Discover the convenience of our Pre-poured Agar Petri Dishes, perfect for both beginners and professional mycologists. Whether you’re cultivating delectable edible mushrooms, conducting gourmet culinary experiments, or embarking on educational pursuits, our dishes offer a reliable and efficient solution.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Growth Medium: The combination of malt extract and nutritional yeast provides a rich nutrient source, ensuring the successful propagation of a wide variety of edible mushroom species.
  2. High Transparency: Our clear agar formulation allows for easy observation and detailed study of mycelium and colonies.
  3. Consistent Quality: Each batch undergoes rigorous quality control to maintain uniformity and ensure consistency in your mushroom cultivation.

Usage Instructions:

  • Store petri dishes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Before inoculating, ensure your working area is clean and free from drafts.
  • Use sterilized instruments to inoculate the dish.
  • Once inoculated, seal and incubate as required.

Note: As with all sterile products, ensure to use them promptly after opening. Avoid touching the inside of the dish or the agar surface to prevent contamination. These petri dishes are intended exclusively for the cultivation of edible mushroom varieties.

Experience ease and reliability in your mushroom cultivation with our Pre-poured Agar Petri Dishes. Choose the pack size that’s right for you and elevate your mycological journey today!


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