Mystery Microscopy 3-pack


Save money by buying a Mystery Microscopy 3-pack! Usually, what is a $59 offer, is now on sale for $45!

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Don’t care what variety of spores you are researching? We will send 3 different spore syringes, clearly labeled with the correct species for a discount! All microscopy kits will be selected at random from what we have available on hand. With this product, you can research more for less! Also, $1 from every order is donated to Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research unit.

What you receive:

  • 3x Labeled Microscopy Kits
  • 3x Pre-sterilized Applicator
  • 3x Alcohol Pads
  • 1x Instruction Card

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Dimensions22 × 12 × 4 cm


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