Brazil Print Microscopy Kit


Sterile Brazil Print Microscopy Kit

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This product features Brazil spore print(s) inside an aluminum carrier which is inside of a plastic sleeve, inside of a plastic box. In order to maintain even spore count among all products, some kits will contain more than 1 print. Additionally, we prepare all of our microscopy kits in a contaminant-free and still-air environment to guarantee sterility. Above all, when your package arrives be sure to handle these lil guys with care. These can  be used to make your own spore syringes at home or used for further study and collection. Also, every time you buy a microscopy kit $1 is donated to Johns Hopkins Psychedelic and Consciousness Research Center. Thank you for helping us advance psychedelic science, we appreciate you.

Orders are shipped using Priority 3-day USPS Shipping, so you can expect your package 4-5 days after we process your order. That’s less than a week!

Product Contains:

  • Between 1-5 spore prints

*Prints come in assorted sizes to ensure that every customer receives roughly the same spore count.

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