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Hopkins Starts Clinical Trial to Study Use of Psilocybin Mushrooms

By SALMA ABDEL-AZIM | September 10, 2020

Read the original article here. The study, led by researchers at Johns Hopkins, was announced on August 12 and hopes to survey people around the world to create a registry of information about psilocybin usage and resulting experiences. According to the CPCR recruitment site, the study aims to attract people who intend to use psilocybin mushrooms in the next six months. 

The participants will complete five surveys at varying periods before and after their usage of psilocybin. The study hopes to survey over 1000 people worldwide.

This isn’t the first time that Hopkins has studied the effects of psilocybin mushrooms. The CPCR became the first research group to gain approval to study the effects of psychedelics in 2000 and published a study that established the positive outcomes and safety of a single dose of psilocybin. 

Since the recent revival of psychedelic research, new studies have shown that these drugs, once seen as entirely detrimental to human health, may have positive effects for people who suffer from conditions including addiction and depression. 

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