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Howdy Y’all

Thank you so much for bearing with us while we went through a website redesign. We really appreciate all of you who still continue to come around and checkout our content. And speaking of content, keep checking back here for news, updates, and education information. We are so excited to go to the next level of service for you!

We will stay true to our vision – “Educate the world about the healing potential of multiple molecules and breaking the age-old stigma surrounding them.” by sharing informative and developing scientific studies. 


We will also stay true to our mission – “Provide premium sterile psilocybe cubensis spores to everyday researchers who want to increase their knowledge in microscopy.”, by permanently decreasing our prices without compromising quality.

We believe that everyone should be able to have the option to research these earthly specimens, if they so choose. Price shouldn’t be a hinderance to achieving lifelong satisfaction from a hobby.

We look forward to informing and serving you in the future! Mush Love