Facts for FAQ's

How can I Pay?

  • You can place an Order with a Credit or Debit Card: After entering your card details, please allow 24 hours for processing. Please note this purchase  will show up as “Tectonic Gems” on your bank statement
  • You can place an Order with Cashapp: Please include the Order # (available once you place order) in your payment note so that we can start processing your order! Send payment to $mycoloynowofficial
  • You can place an Order with Zelle: Please include your Order Number (available once you place order) as the payment reference. Zelle Name: Louis Adam Zelle Email: louisadam@mycologynow.com
  • You can place an Order with cryptocurrency, it can take up to 24 hours to verify. Please contact us if you do not receive email confirmation that your order is processing after 24 hours (weekends not included). 

If you need assistance with your order please contact Katrina@mycologynow.com via email or you can text/call (505) 375 – 0655

What are spores?

  •  Spores are the beginning stage of the life cycle for most fungi (mushrooms) and some plants. Mushroom spores are tiny, reproductive cells that allow the fungus to replicate and grow. Basically, spores are to mushrooms – what seeds are to plants.

What do I use the spores for?

  • You put them on a glass slide under a microscope and watch them come alive when you look through the eyehole. If you look close enough, they will show their true beauty. Research them responsibly.

What is the purpose of microscopy?

  • Our customers use our spores for microscopy, which is commonly used for species identification. This gives researchers the ability to view single-celled organisms on the microscopic level. At 400x magnification, you can start to see the difference between spore varieties. So cool! 

How long will spores last? (How to store them)

  • These mushroom spore syringes have a shelf-life of 9 months from purchase. Keep in a cool, still air environment, to prevent contamination. Such as – sealed in a plastic bag and placed in the fridge or a desk drawer. Spores have been known to last longer  (sometimes up to 7 years), we just like to guarantee fresh and sterile spore samples.

Can I cultivate these spores?

  • Spores are not sold for cultivation/growing, since it would be illegal to sell supplies for the manufacturing of schedule I drugs. If you were to handle them improperly you could end up with active mushrooms; so be careful to use it only for microscopy. We cannot and do not condone any illegal activity, these spores are for microscopy use only. Please do not message us regarding cultivation/growing, we will not respond. 

When will I receive my package after I placed an order?

  • Typically, our spores arrive within 4-6 days after shipping. We ship all orders within 24 hours between Monday- Friday after processing and use 3-day USPS first class mail for all orders. For instance: if you order on Monday, we ship out Tuesday, 3-day shipping for USPS, you get your package on Friday. Depending on location, times may vary.

I placed an order, when do I receive tracking info?

  • When we print your shipping label and complete your order, you will receive an email notification with tracking details the next day. If order was placed on Saturday, expect an email on Monday. Please note: You will not immediately receive tracking information after completing your purchase. 

What happens if I chose to pay by Invoice?

  • Within 24 hours you will receive an email from “MN LLC” titled Invoice. Once you confirm your email, you will be taken to the payment portal. Then, after payment is completed: your order will be changed from “On-Hold” to “Processing”. If you need help please reach out to Katrina@mycologynow.com

Is packaging discreet?

  • Completely. There is 0, none, nada, zilch product information on the outside of your package. Most orders will arrive in a white padded bubble mailer with “MN LLC” as the sender.