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“Mike Tyson says psychedelics saved his life, now he hopes they can change the world”

Read the original article here. “I believe this is good for the world,” said Tyson, who said he thinks its use could also help create a more empathetic and just society.

To be sure, many people have had negative experiences with psychedelics, which can cause disturbing hallucinations, anxiety and panic. Medical professionals studying them warn against self-medicating or using them outside of an approved medical framework.

Wesana recently entered into a clinical research project with the World Boxing Council (WBC) to examine the potential of psychedelics to help boost the brain health of boxers.

“It’s scary to even say that,” said Tyson, who is also a cannabis entrepreneur and podcast host.

“To think where I was – almost suicidal – to this now. Isn’t life a trip, man? It’s amazing medicine, and people don’t look at it from that perspective.”

Tyson said he wants to spread word of the benefits of psilocybin as widely as possible, which is why he has partnered with Wesana. He also said, “If you put 10 people in a room that don’t like each other and give them some psychedelics, they’ll be taking pictures with each other,”.